The best thing is the “quit game” button

Mini game collection plus editor: The Roblox game kit is intended to entertain in an educational way – but we didn’t have much fun.

We have just passed the entrance control of City 17 in Half-Life 2. A few minutes later we drive a bright red fun mobile through an avenue with palm trees and deliver pizza. Just to then deal with the question of which programming language is used in the Roblox editor in a quiz: Python, Lua or Javascript (Lua is correct)?

Let’s take a positive view: There is hardly any other game collection that offers so much variety. Nevertheless, after a few hours trying out Roblox , we are happy that we can end each of the many millions of mini-games on the platform by clicking on the  quit game” button, which is always immediately available mod menu.

The reason is simple: the vast majority of games on Roblox are just crap. Almost every game was created by amateurs in a few hours or days using the editor and published without any quality control. That sounds very negative, and it is meant to be – but only partially.

We also developed a certain fascination for the many weird and mostly completely half-baked ideas. It can be entertaining to loll around on the sofa with the tablet, play hide and seek with other participants in an oversized living room, or do something like the Playmobil version of Half-Life 2 (with original soundtrack!).

According to the operator, Roblox has more than 100 million monthly active users, which is significantly more than Fortnite’s around 78 million. The company, also called Roblox, describes itself as an “online entertainment platform” .

Every now and then you can find comparisons with Youtube – only that there are no videos on Roblox, but new minigames are constantly uploaded. Most of these come from members and are created using a dedicated editor. Roblox is available for Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS, Android and on Amazon; a version for Playstation 4 should appear soon. Roblox Studio – the editor – only runs on Windows PCs

Roblox is free to download and access. In order to dress his avatar in particularly chic clothes or to get similar extras, the player can hardly avoid buying the virtual currency Robux. The creators of the mini-games can also ask for money – Robux. The company Roblox claims to have distributed almost 100 million US dollars to its developers in 2019 alone free roblox mod download.

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